Whilst undoubtedly there are more environmentally friendly options to sending a greeting card, there are 911 million single cards sold in the UK each year to which we aim provide a greener alternative.

All of our cards are made from a high white recycled post consumer waste stock and can be recycled after use and are sent along with a recycled envelope with zero plastic packaging.

Our wholesale/retail cards are packaged using compostable sleeves.

In an effort to do our bit in combating climate change, we now plant a tree for every card sold on our website via Tree-Nation to plantation projects all over the World. We believe that forests are not renewable and using recycled paper where possible should always be a priority.

You can view our virtual forest by clicking here!

Our website is CO2 neutral which means that we compensate for any emissions each click/visit generates and trees are planted accordingly.

Trees are essential for people, wildlife and the environment.

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