How to be more sustainable as a business

How to be more sustainable as a business

In 2021, creating a sustainable business can improve both sales and brand reputation. According to recycling lives, 81% of adults now prefer to buy from sustainable sellers. This means that operating an eco-friendly business can significantly improve profit.

We understand that 100% sustainability isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes, it’s easier said than done. The important thing to remember, is that the small steps are the ones which can make the biggest impact.

If you are aware of the harmful effects of climate change, you are probably wondering “How can I make my business more sustainable?” As a 100% plastic free business, we want to guide you through the simple steps of creating an eco-friendly work environment.

Below we have provided our 5 top tips on how to be more sustainable in business...

1) Use eco-friendly or recycled materials

Investing in sustainable materials such as bamboo or cork will always be the best options when selling eco-friendly products. However, we know that this isn’t always possible, especially for those who create plastic products. In this case, thermoplastics are a great alternative as they can be re-melted to make new creations and are therefore recycled. You may also want to consider bio-resins, these are constructed with plant extracts or renewable resources, perfect for mould-making businesses!

At Maya Rose Creations, we use recycled paper to make our greeting cards. By avoiding new materials, we are helping to save energy and water while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

2) Reduce packaging

Packaging waste is a top concern within many businesses. We believe that plastic packaging is extremely avoidable and completely inessential. If this is something you are worried about, try to use recycled paper or card as a sustainable alternative. Another solution is to invest in cloth bags which your customers can re-use for other purposes such as grocery shopping.

We are a 100% plastic free business as our cards are sent out in recycled envelopes without any unnecessary packaging. This means that you too can recycle your full order instead of having to dispose of it in an unstainable way!

3) Create incentives

As well as being a sustainable business, it’s important that you also encourage your customers to do their bit for the planet. Perhaps offer them 10% off their order if they choose to opt for less packaging.

In an effort to help the planet, people and wildlife, we plant a tree for every order made on our website! Check out our previous blog post for more information on our plant a tree project. 

4) Be informative

Not everyone is fully aware of the impacts of climate change. When we talk about the environmental crises, more people are likely to learn key facts. Customers sometimes don’t realise the effects of shopping unsustainably, so it’s extremely important that we business owners are informing them. When people learn about the real facts and figures, they will be more inclined to buy eco-friendly products from a sustainable business. 

We like to educate our customers via Instagram and blog posts. Make sure to follow us for regular tips on how to be more sustainable!

5) Support other sustainable businesses

People sometimes think that you must compete with other businesses in order to be successful. Surprisingly, this is almost never the case! By building relationships with other eco-friendly brands, you are not only making business connections, but you are also supporting a cause which helps the planet, people and animals!

With that being said, here are a few of our favourite sustainable businesses!

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