Buy a card, plant a tree!

Buy a card, plant a tree!

Did you know that we now plant a tree every time you make an order on our website?

We are much more than a quirky card business. As well as designing and printing, we also do our bit to help the planet!

In an effort to combat climate change, we now plant a tree for every card sold on our website. So far, with your help, we have planted 87 trees across Madagascar, Nepal, India, and the UK. That’s a terrific total of 14.43 tonnes of captured CO2!

How do trees benefit the environment?

Trees absorb water, carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses. They then use the energy of the sun to convert this combination into chemical compounds which feed the tree. Through this process, they remove carbon dioxide from the air and instead release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Because of this, planting trees is one of the best ways to help fight climate change! 

There’s more…

They also create an ecosystem to provide shelter for birds, insects and other animals. Although they are used for nesting and resting, they also serve as one of the biggest food suppliers for these animals. 

So, why not do your bit today?

That’s not all… we are also 100% sustainable!


Our greeting cards are made from high white recycled waste stock. They are also sent with a recycled envelope which can then be reused. This means that your total order will always be 100% plastic free.

Why is zero waste important?

A zero waste approach reduces the amount of energy and toxins used to manufacture non-biodegradable products. This includes a decrease of industrial pollution and unsustainable product disposal. When zero waste products are recycled, there is a further decline in greenhouse gas emissions. It also preserves natural resources which will ultimately reduce the need for new, non-eco-friendly products!

Creating a sustainable brand with 100% zero waste products is now more important than ever. With the severe impacts of climate change, going green is beneficial to you, us and most importantly, our planet.

That’s why it’s vital that you check the sustainability of a brand prior to purchasing their products.

Why not give zero waste a try?

You buy one. We plant one. Together, we can make an impact!

For more information and regular updates on our plant a tree project, please visit


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  • David - June 15, 2021

    Great post, love your cards and the work that you guys are doing!

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